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About Title IX

St. Olaf College is committed to a respectful, safe, and healthy environment and does not tolerate sex discrimination, sexual harassment, or sexual misconduct in any form. Prohibited behaviors include, but are not limited to, unwelcome sexual conduct or communication, rape and other forms of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking. These behaviors are not only violations of an individual’s rights and dignity, but are also attacks on our college community and violations of college policy. In addition, some forms of these behaviors are crimes.

St. Olaf is also committed to promptly, impartially, and equitably addressing and resolving all reports of sex discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual misconduct. When the college finds that such behavior has occurred it will take steps to stop the behavior, to prevent its recurrence, and to remedy its effects.

Use the navigation links on the side to learn more about the college’s Title IX Policy, and to access information and resources to support anyone who has been affected by, knows of, or wants to help prevent an incident or pattern of behavior. There are many individuals you can contact with questions and concerns, beginning with the St. Olaf College Title IX Coordinator.

Connecting With Title IX

Why Connect?

Reporting an incident to the Title IX Coordinator does not mean that action has to be taken. The Title IX Coordinator can support academic and emotional wellbeing through accommodations for both the reporting and responding parties. There are multiple ways to connect with the Title IX Office at St. Olaf including submitting an online report or taking with any member of the Title IX team.

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What Does the Process Look Like?

Meeting with the Title IX Coordinator will provide you with the opportunity to learn about your options for next steps. The reporting individual gets to choose how to move forward, and they can change their mind at any point in the process.

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Ways Title IX Can Support You

  • Housing accommodations
  • Academic accommodations
  • Access to counseling, medical and other confidential services
  • A college-imposed mutual “no-contact directive” prohibiting contact between individuals
  • Providing alternative course completion options, and more!

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