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Sex discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual misconduct are grievous violations of an individual’s dignity and may cause serious physical, psychological, and/or social harms. If you have experienced any form of discrimination, harassment, or misconduct, including rape or other forms of sexual assault, St. Olaf is committed to supporting you both in the moment and in the aftermath. You can get support at any time – not only in the hours or days immediately following an incident, but weeks, months, or even years later. You can also get support whether or not you choose to report to the college, report to law enforcement, or initiate an investigation by filing a complaint with the college.

Ongoing support resources may also be helpful to people who have not experienced discrimination, harassment, or misconduct themselves, but who want to provide information and support to others who have.

Use the links in the tabs below to learn more about campus resources and community resources providing ongoing support for anyone affected by sex discrimination, sexual harassment, or sexual misconduct.