Title IX Advisory Group

One of the recommendations of the Title IX Working Group Report to the Community (see page 38 for details) was that the college form an independent Title IX Advisory Group to seek feedback on the Title IX processes and policies from members of the St. Olaf community.

Appointed annually by the president and comprised of students, faculty, and staff, the Title IX Advisory Group is charged with gathering information and providing feedback and observations to inform the college’s ongoing review of its Title IX policy. The Advisory Group will solicit input from members of the St. Olaf community about the college’s Title IX policies and their implementation, and communicate that input to the Title IX Team in order to coordinate that process with the ongoing review of the Title IX policy by the Title IX team.

The Title IX Advisory Group will:

Solicit Feedback
  • The Advisory Group will maintain a feedback form that members of the St. Olaf community may use to give feedback on Title IX process and policy, training efforts, and communication.
  • Feedback will be gathered, reviewed, summarized, compiled, and presented to the Title IX Team each year (at a minimum) and more often as needed.
  • The Advisory Group may seek more information regarding policy and its application to provide the Title IX Team with the most complete report possible.
Seek input and advice
  • The Advisory Group invites input — via the Title IX Coordinator (so as to protect the identity and privacy of the individuals involved) — from individuals who have been first-hand participants in the college’s revised Title IX process.
Engage the community and promote transparency
  • The Advisory Group will host periodic forums to promote student, staff, faculty, and alumni engagement.
  • While some of the Advisory Group’s regular meetings will need to be closed due to potential privacy concerns, we will dedicate time for open meetings that allow members of the St. Olaf community to voice concerns.
Ensure that the diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and opinions of our community are welcome by way of the following membership:
  • A faculty or staff advisory group chair
  • A student representative from It’s on Us
  • A student coordinator of the Sexual Assault Resource Network (SARN)
  • A student representative from the Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA) or REPRESENT
  • A faculty representative from the Student Life Committee
  • A college pastor
  • The Assistant Director of Student Activities
  • The senior woman administrator from athletics

If you would like to provide feedback to the Title IX Advisory Group, please use the confidential or non-confidential feedback forms or contact the Advisory Group directly.

The Title IX Advisory Group typically releases a report summary to the community once per year.  Full reports are sent to the Title IX Team. 

Feedback Forms Advisory Group Members

Reports to the Community