St. Olaf Statistics

St. Olaf has made the prevention of sexual misconduct a public priority.  Achieving this goal requires an informed and engaged community. Below are links to several kinds of data concerning incidents of sexual misconduct involving St. Olaf students, employees, or visitors.

It is important to note that these statistics are about reports of sexual assault that St. Olaf has received, which is not the same thing as the actual incidence of sexual assault.  Because research suggests that sexual assaults on college campuses are under-reported, it is likely that in any given year, the number of incidents that occurred at St. Olaf or on a St. Olaf-sponsored program is larger than the number of reports received.  As always, the college strongly encourages anyone who has experienced sexual assault or any other form of prohibited conduct to report to the college by contacting any member of the Title IX team or by using the online reporting form.

More Statistics

St. Olaf 2021 Sexual Assault Data Reported to the State of Minnesota

This report consists of data provided by St. Olaf to the Minnesota Office of Higher Education for inclusion in an annual statewide report (linked immediately below).  St. Olaf’s report includes the number of incidents of sexual assault reported to the college in the previous calendar year, how many of these reports resulted in a formal investigation, and what the outcomes were.  The state’s report does not present all the college’s data in detail because of the relatively small number of St. Olaf cases; however, the college’s own report presents all the data provided to the state.

Complete State of Minnesota Sexual Assault Data Report

This report was prepared by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education using the statistics St. Olaf submitted for its institutional Sexual Assault Data Report (linked immediately above), along with similar statistics from all other Minnesota colleges and universities.  It focuses on reports received and institutional responses in the previous calendar year.

St. Olaf 2021 Sexual Assault Data Reported to the Federal Government

This report is focused on information received by the college concerning incidents of sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking occurring on or near St. Olaf’s campus during the previous three calendar years.  The content is adapted from data included in the college’s annual Campus Safety and Security report (linked immediately below), provided annually by St. Olaf to the U.S. Department of Education.

Complete St. Olaf Campus Safety and Security Report

This report provides information about a variety of crimes that occurred on or near St. Olaf’s campus during the previous three calendar years, as well as information about the college’s efforts to maintain a safe campus.  The report is often referred to as the college’s Clery Report because it is prepared in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act of 1998.  It includes statistics on sexual assault reported by St. Olaf to the federal government (linked immediately above). St. Olaf’s Clery Report also provides the link to access information regarding registered Level 3 sex offenders living in the State of Minnesota.