Application Overview

We’re looking for smart, ambitious, creative people who want to be challenged. In a campus community of 3,000 students, with the range of academic and extracurricular programs we offer, we want multifaceted people who will contribute as much to the community as they draw from it.

We try to balance all kinds of talents and interests, from arts and athletics to languages and learning styles, from deep academic focus to broad interdisciplinary passions.  The students who thrive at St. Olaf have a strong sense of themselves, whether or not they arrive here with a clear idea of what they will study.

Process Overview

Part One

  • Provide some important information about yourself so we begin to build your relationship with St. Olaf.
  • Your officer will contact you to introduce themselves, provide important information, and help you stay on top of deadlines. Complete your Part One today to get started.

Part Two

Is St. Olaf your top choice? Apply Early Decision.

Reactivate your Application

  • Students who have not attended another college or university as a degree seeking student and applied to St. Olaf within the last two academic years may reactivate their St. Olaf application.
  • If you submitted an application within the past two years but enrolled at another college or university, you may reactivate your application as a transfer student.


Apply for direct admission to the Nursing Program. Students intending to major in nursing at the time of application to the College may be considered for direct admission to the nursing program as a first-year student.  Direct admission as a first-year student is limited, competitive, and conditional.  Students seeking direct admission to the nursing program must complete an additional application to the program at the same time they submit an application to the College.  The nursing application includes two additional essays and an interview. Students that did not apply or were not selected for the first-year direct admission may apply for admission to the nursing major during the fall of the sophomore year.
Nursing program application


Applying for Direct Admission into the Bachelor of Music or Bachelor of Arts - Music Major programs. We strongly recommend students intending to major in music to apply for direct admission to the music program as a first-year student. Students seeking admission into a major in music must complete an additional application to the program that is due on December 15, 2016. The Music Application includes a separate application, audition recording, music resumé, and teacher recommendation and is available in mid-November. Admission to the B.A. music major is selective; admission to the B.M. program is highly selective. Consequently, it is not unusual for the B.M. applicants to be admitted to the B.A. music major initially. These students would begin the core music major coursework in the fall of their first year and may re-apply for admission to the B.M. program after they begin their studies at St. Olaf.
Music program application