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Oles Are Awesome.

Oles have many interests and are ready to embrace them with full force in college. Oles approach their journey with care, ambition, and open-mindedness, and are unified in their desire to make an impact. Take a look and imagine what your journey could look like.

Are you ready to be a part of this community?

Oles Explore the Arts & More

Watch Claire Nelson

Claire Nelson
Studio Art Major
Study Abroad

Watch Isaiah Thomas

Isaiah Scharen
Studio Art & Physics Major
Study Abroad

Watch Media 360 class

Media 360 class
Media Studies
Experiential Learning

Watch Thea and Jake in Norway

Jake Ingalls & Thea Lund
Norway Tour
St. Olaf Choir & Orchestra

Watch Samantha Roback

Samantha Roback
Film Production & Theater Major
Study Abroad

Watch Madeline Miller

Madeline Miller
Music Performance Major
Conversation Programs
Regardless of their major, Oles are able to build many things into their experience. Student-athletes do research, studio art majors explore the world through study abroad, and pre-med students sing in choirs. There are countless combinations. What will your experience look like?

Oles explore STEM & more

Watch Sasha Dmytrenko

Sasha Dmytrenko
Chemistry Major
Piper Center

Watch Nisha Albert

Nisha Albert
Biology Major
Study Abroad

Watch Thabiso and Kayla

Kayla Gephart & Thabiso Mabote
Physics Majors

Watch Nadine Dogbe

Nadine Dogbe
Biology Major

Watch Brian Nevins

Brian Nevins
Physics & Math Major

Watch Erica Rempert

Erica Rempert
Nursing Major
St. Olaf Orchestra

Oles Explore Our Community

Watch Vortex ultimate Frisbee

Vortex Ultimate Frisbee
Student-run Club
National Champions

Watch Sal Alvarez

Sal Alvarez
American Studies Major
Urban Sounds Concert

Watch Wed Al-Nod

Wed Al-Nod
Biology Major
Faith on Campus
We believe that the liberal arts are not for the undecided — they are for the curious. Oles want to hear from multiple perspectives, and they see the value in interdisciplinary learning. St. Olaf doesn’t just prepare students for careers. We prepare them to be citizens of an ever-changing world.

Oles Explore the World

Watch Maria Kloiber

Maria Kloiber
Computer Science & Poli-Sci Major
St. Olaf Band in New Zealand

Watch Brynna Freitag

Brynna Freitag
Physics & Chinese Majors
Study Abroad

Watch Adrian Calderon

Adrian Calderon
Music Performance Major
St. Olaf Jazz in Cuba

Oles love athletics & more

Watch Cross Country Women

Women of Cross-Country
Multiple Majors
Academics & Athletics

Watch Ricardo Johnson III

Ricardo Johnson III
Economics Major

Watch Alison Curry

Alison Curry
Social Work & Chinese Major

Watch Andrew Willner

Andrew Willner
Economics Major

Watch Ahmed and Rammah

Ahmed Noman & Rammah Shandaq
Economics Majors

Watch Rose Sandell

Rose Sandell
Environmental Studies & Poli-Sci Major

St. Olaf develops individuals of substance who will shape their communities and the world. As our students grow and develop, St. Olaf evolves in positive and unexpected ways. We are a community of leaders, learners, and thinkers, and we are stronger together. We can’t wait to see what you bring to the table.

Oles Explore the Humanities & More

Watch Mykhe

Mykhe Nguyen
Math & Poli-Sci Major
Undergraduate Research

Watch Chris Casey

Christopher Casey
Economics Major
Career & Internships

Watch Joshua Qualls

Joshua Qualls
English Major

Watch Hannah Hartz

Hannah Hartz
Kinesiology Major
Global Semester

Watch Colten Yahn

Colten Yahn
Kinesiology Major