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150 year old Minnesota town of 20,007 located along the banks of the Cannon River. It is home to two colleges, town festivals, and unique shops and restaurants along Division Street.

The Malt-O-Meal (Post Cereals) factory is situated nearby and — fun fact — our entire campus smells like cookies are in the oven when cereal is in production. Oles enjoy walking to and from town on nice days, or catching rides on local buses that make stops on campus and downtown Northfield.

Small Town Highlights

Downtown Northfield, Minnesota

Recognized as one of “50 Most Beautiful Small Towns in America” by CountryLiving

Nature in Northfield

Lots of opportunities to get back to nature with an abundance of hiking and biking trails

Downtown Northfield - shops and food

Great downtown with options for food and shopping

Northfield's Annual Winter Walk

Winter walk event featuring sleigh rides and luminaries that light up the downtown streets

Take advantage of the local farmers market

Local produce can be found and the Riverwalk Farmers Market

Jesse James Day re-enactment

Defeat of Jesse James Days including a re-enactment of the James Younger gang bank raid