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Oles Can. Oles Will.

Samantha Waddell ’18 long dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. A network of opportunities and support at St. Olaf helped make her dream a reality.

Samantha Waddell '18 works with cattle at the University of Minnesota's on-campus barn.

At St. Olaf, we don’t turn out typical college grads. We turn out Oles. Oles are the people companies want. Oles are the people the planet needs.

Are you an Ole?


financial aid need met for all of our students


baccalaureate college in the number of students who study abroad


carbon-free electrical power


of 2018 graduates are employed, in graduate school, or engaged in full-time service work


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Oles don’t all look alike or think alike, but what they do share is an enthusiasm. An optimism. A work ethic driven by the knowledge that anything is possible, the answer to every problem is yes, that what’s broken needs fixing, what’s working can be improved. Oles think harder, dive deeper.