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The Difference Between Finding A Job And Loving A Job.

At St. Olaf, we are focused on getting to know you and working with students from day one to help them explore jobs, gain experience outside of the classroom, and pursue meaningful post-graduate work, service, and education. Employers want the unique skills that Oles have — a liberal arts education with real-world experience.



Meet the Panel

You’ll be hearing from Leslie Moore, Director of the Piper Center for Vocation and Career, and Karim Khalid ’20, who will explain their holistic approach to supporting Oles throughout their career path — you don’t need to have your entire future figured out; you just need to find the next step.

You can browse the questions from our conversation below and watch their answers.

What's something that students and families need to know about St. Olaf?

How do Oles feel about entering the workforce?

What's unique about the Piper Center?

How does a liberal arts education translate to a job after graduation?

At St. Olaf, we believe it’s not just about getting a job, it’s about finding success beyond a job. We encourage students to get curious, talk to people, and try stuff. Oles have access to internships, research opportunities, an expansive alumni network, and one-on-one career coaching. Let’s get started.

When do students usually participate in internships?

How do you take advantage of St. Olaf's location?

Does St. Olaf have a strong alumni network and how do Oles utilize it?

We hope this helped you understand the many career resources available to Oles. If you have questions about career and vocation support at St. Olaf, please reach out to your Admissions Officer.