The link for the Application for Music Major and/or Music Scholarships is at the bottom this page.

Please read these instructions before beginning the online application!

This application is for students who wish to apply for one (or more) of the following for Fall 2018:

  • Admission to the Bachelor of Arts program in Music
  • Admission to the Bachelor of Music program
  • Music Scholarships (music majors or non-music majors)

The music application is submitted online. When you begin the online music application, please use the same email address which you used/will use for the Common Application. The email address is what links the two applications. All items listed below must be received by December 15.

  • Part One found here
  • Online application
  • Uploaded audition recording
  • Uploaded music resumé
  • Teacher recommendation request form

If you’ve already begun your college application, the link at the bottom of the page will take you to your account management portal.  In order to start a new Music Application, at the first dialog box (“Application Details”) click  CANCEL and then you’ll be able to access the “Start New Application” link beneath it. Click on 2018, then Music Scholarships, and you’ll be on your way.

After you begin the online music application, you may save/exit as may times as you wish before submitting the application. Once you click “submit” you may not make any changes to the application. We recommend you complete the Music Recommendation request for your teacher RIGHT AWAY. This recommendation request goes out immediately (it does not wait for you to submit the whole application) and will give your teacher time to write and submit the recommendation while you are preparing other parts of the music application.

NOTE: St. Olaf’s music application process is not part of the Common App. Only music applications submitted via the Online Music Application will be reviewed, unless alternate means are approved in advance by the Music Admissions Coordinator.

In addition to the Music Admission/Scholarship application, applicants must also complete the St. Olaf College Application for Admission (via the Common Application) by January 1, 2018 if possible, but no later than January 15, 2018. Students who do not complete the college application process will not be considered for any merit scholarships or admission to the music major.

For questions about the music application process, you may contact
Molly Boes, Assistant Dean of Fine Arts Recruitment

2018 Online Application for Music Scholarships or Music Major