Campus Resources

Confidential vs. Non-Confidential Resources

Two types of campus resources provide ongoing support for anyone affected by sex discrimination, sexual harassment, or sexual misconduct:

  • Confidential resources are not required to disclose to anyone else the information you share with them, unless that information involves the abuse of a minor or vulnerable adult, or an imminent threat to someone’s life.
  • All other college employees, including student employees in their work-related roles, are required to report to the college any information they receive concerning sex discrimination, sexual harassment, or sexual misconduct, even if you ask them to keep the information confidential. (However, a report to the college is different from a formal complaint, which results in an investigation and, potentially, disciplinary action, depending on the outcome of the investigation.)

Anyone who has experienced discrimination, harassment, or misconduct is strongly encouraged to report to the college in order to receive support and assistance, and in order for the college to intervene to stop the behavior and prevent it from occurring in the future. However, if you are not sure that you want to report to the college, or if you want assistance in doing so, you are encouraged to contact a confidential resource first.

Confidential Resources

(generally not required to report to the college)

St. Olaf Sexual Assault Resource Network (SARN)

Buntrock Commons 14, 507-786-3777

SARN is a St. Olaf volunteer organization with state-certified student advocates who can provide a wide range of confidential services, both for crisis intervention and for ongoing support. SARN advocates can help you process your experience, determine what resources and support you need, review your options for reporting, and navigate college policies and procedures.

St. Olaf Counseling Center

Boe House, 1308 St. Olaf Avenue, 507-786-3062,

A variety of services and programs are offered by the Counseling Center, provided without cost to all currently-enrolled St. Olaf students. Appointments are available during the academic year both in the morning and in the afternoon, but may vary during the summer.

St. Olaf College Pastors

Boe Memorial Chapel (lower level), 507-786-3092,,

College Pastor Matt Marohl and Associate College Pastor Katie Fick engage in a wide variety of pastoral conversations throughout the academic year. Office hours are generally 8 am – 5 pm but additional hours are available by appointment.

St. Olaf Student Health Service

Tomson Hall 160, 507-786-3064,

The Health Service is staffed by a certified nurse practitioner and is open Monday-Friday during the academic year. The Health Service website also has a list of additional community health providers available to students whenever the Service is closed (e.g., during the summer and most break times during the academic year).

Other Campus Resources

(generally required to report to the college)

Kari Hohn, St. Olaf Title IX Coordinator

Tomson Hall 148, 507-786-3465,

As Title IX Coordinator, Kari has primary responsibility for the college’s efforts to eliminate sex discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual misconduct.

Members of the St. Olaf Title IX Team

The St. Olaf Title IX Team includes the Vice President for Student Life, the Vice President for Human Resources, the Dean of Students, other administrators in the Student Life Division, the Director of Athletics, and the Director of Public Safety.

Any trusted faculty or staff member

Sometimes it can be helpful to turn to someone who has provided you with support or assistance in the past when you are confronting a difficult situation. A faculty or staff member might be that person for you. St. Olaf faculty and staff are committed to assisting other members of the community who have experienced sex discrimination, sexual harassment, or sexual misconduct.