Required Seminar

231 Africa and the Americas: The Diaspora Experience 
Based upon courses from participating departments, the seminar introduces students to the historical and cross-cultural experiences of Africans and African Americans. It affords students the chance to engage in interdisciplinary interpretation and analysis and encourages them to interpret their own heritage in light of the African/African American experience.

Elective Courses

Elective courses must be relevant to the focus of the concentration. For some electives, students may be required to negotiate specific assignments with the instructor and the concentration director. Other courses not identified in this list may also be acceptable, depending on the relevance of their content to the concentration.

ARMS121: Introduction to American Racial and Multicultural Studies

Dance 246: Dance in America

English 245: American Racial and Multicultural Literatures

English 247: Post-Colonial Literatures

English 399: The Major Seminar (topics vary)

French 233: Language and Culture Studies in the Francophone Caribbean (off-campus/Martinique)

French 372: The Francophone African Novel

History 128: Women in African History: (Re-)production, Representation and Resistance

History 165: Slavery in the Americas — old number 132

History 181: Civil Rights Revolution — old number 145

History 277: African American History — old number 242

History 288: America in the Civil War and Reconstruction Era — old number 244

History 260: South Africa — old number 277

History 270: Seminars for History Majors (Topical)
2006-07 Race & Gender in the Civil War Era

History 370: American Seminar (topics vary) — old number 345

Interdisciplinary 260: Dimensions of Multiculture (ACM —

Music 231: History of Jazz

Music 237: World Music

Soc/Anth 120: Anthropology of Jazz

Soc/Anth 264: Race and Class in American Culture

Courses that Count – Semester I 2009

Africa and the Americas 231-232: Intro to Africa and the Americas

American Racial and Multicultural Studies 122: Intro to ARMS

Art 269: African Art History

English 111: Depending on topic, approved on individual basis by AFA Director

English 205: Racial and Multicultural Literature

English 206: Topic – African Literature

History 194: Global History

Music 237: World Music

Religion 121: Depending on topic, approved on individual basis by AFA Director

Soc/Anth 128: Intro to Cultural Anthropology

Soc/Anth 242: Contemporary Native Americans