Courses Descriptions

Fall 2012

IS 204: Ethics and Global Service (Mary Carlsen) EIN

Orphans, HIV/AIDS, abuse, poverty; many Oles want to address these global issues directly. Students study and apply ethical reasoning to decisions about serving abroad. Vocations of service invite the examination of motivation, values, needs, faith stances, and privilege. Through the lenses of Christian, multicultural, and feminist ethics and concepts of vocation, students sharpen their thinking about “helping” in another cultural context. Designed particularly for students interested in global careers in health, ministry, social welfare, education and community development. Open to juniors and seniors from any major. (Prerequisite: BTS-T)

Spring 2013

IS 201: Power Computing in All Disciplines (Dick Brown)  WRI

Developments in the field of computing now allow undergraduates to create effective and innovative applications of powerful computing techniques in any target discipline, but few non-computer science faculty are aware of these opportunities. This seminar brings computer science (CS) students together with an equal number of students in target (non-CS) disciplines. Together, they will create interdisciplinary software applications involving modern high-performance computing that are useful for teaching and/or research in those target disciplines.

IS 214: Music in Film (Justin Merritt)  ALS-A, ORC

Igor Stravinsky said that film music should have “the same relationship to the film drama that somebody’s piano playing in my living room has on the book I am reading.” Students encounter an art that can have devastating emotional impact while often remaining unnoticed. In this seminar, students will achieve a broad understanding of the history of music in cinema, encounter and critique a wide repertoire, and create new film music in team-based collaborations.