Empathic Accuracy in Romantic Relationships


In the fourth of the Cultural Conversation Series, Empathic Accuracy in Romantic Relationships: Of Course I Know What My Partner is Thinking, or Do I Really?  facilitator Professor Minda Oriña  provided an opportunity for students to have a conversation regarding romantic relationships, encouraging them to share their own experiences and ideas of an ideal relationship.  According to Professor Oriña, romantic relationships are often exposed to situations that require the use of emphatic accuracy on a moment by moment basis.  When there is not a good communication between partners, assumptions tend to take place and be the main reason for making certain decisions.As students interacted with one another and with Professor Oriña, they learned to improve the empathic accuracy in their romantic relationships, leaving with a better idea of what would make a relationship succeed, and the importance of good communication in getting to know their partners better.

As Professor Oriña said:  When it comes to conflicts “Let it stay in the past and don’t bring it out again.”