What We Know and Don’t Know About Homosexuality


On Wednesday, February 19th students gathered for another engaging Cultural Conversation.   On this particular occasion, students had the opportunity to listen to Professor Chuck Huff present on the topic, “What we know and we don’t know about homosexuality.”   Professor Huff has gathered information by reviewing literature and fact checking to create, with the support of his two students, Nicole Valencia and Grace Marico, a web site that informs people, using simple stories.   “One of the reasons we are constructing the site, and doing close fact-checking on any claims that we make on the site, is because we saw very few sources that people could access that would try to give people ‘just the facts’ on these issues,” stated Professor Huff.

After Professor Huff presented, students engaged in a conversation and participated by asking more questions about the data. They also made suggestions from their perspective of effective ways to spread the knowledge and create social justice, which as Professor Huff stated indeed, “is served best by being careful to know what we know AND what we don’t know about a topic.”