Honors and Awards 2013-14

  • Spohn Award for outstanding major(s) 2014: Thomas Churchill and Zoey Slater
  • Departmental Distinction 2014:
    Samantha Botz: An Empire of One’s Own: Discovery, Disillusionment, and the Rhetoric of Empire in Virginia Woolf’s The Voyage Out
    Elise Erickson: “Outliers” Three Short Stories
    Molly Geipel: Renovating the Story-world: Stylistic Influence and Innovation in Persuasion and Mrs. Dalloway
    Johnna Purchase: Private Spheres and Public Chaos: a poetic attempt at reconciliation in Louis MacNeice’s Autumn Journal
    Derek Waller: “He spoke for those Helens”: The Colonial Legacy of the Construction of “Woman” in Derek Walcott’s Omeros
  • Sarah E. Ferguson Publishing Award 2014: Elise Erickson and Anatasia Nikitovic
  • Zoey Slater ’14 named Co-Winner of 2014 Nick Adams Short Story Contest for her story “The Fawn”
  • Elise Erickson ’14 given honorable mention for her story “Our Lady of the Wilderness” 2014 Nick Adams Short Story Contest
  • Molly Geipel ’14 has won the Grappling Book Prize for Emerging Literary Critics!

Departmental Writing Awards 2014:

  • Paulson Poetry: Vashti Daniel ’16
  • Rolvaag Fiction: Katelyn Hewett ’14
  • Creative Nonfiction: Johnna Purchase ’14
  • Best Sentence: Cole Hendrickson ’14