Professors’ names are listed from left to right.
Front row: Dolores Peters, Judy Kutulas, Michael Fitzgerald,
and Jeane DeLaney.

Back row: Robert Entenmann, Anna Kuxhausen, James Farrell,
Laurel Carrington, Eric Fure-Slocum, Todd Nichol, Gary De Krey,
and Timothy Howe.

Laurel Carrington
Professor of History
carringt@stolaf.edu   507-786-3628

Gary De Krey
Professor of History
dekrey@stolaf.edu   507-786-3165, 507-786-3229

Jeane DeLaney
Associate Professor of History
delaney@stolaf.edu   507-786-3738

Robert Entenmann
Professor of History and Asian Studies
entenman@stolaf.edu   507-786-3427

James Farrell
Professor of History, Boldt Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Humanities (1994-1997)
farrellj@stolaf.edu   507-786-3143

Michael Fitzgerald
Professor of History
fitz@stolaf.edu   507-786-3162

Eric Fure-Slocum
Assistant Professor of History
furesloc@stolaf.edu   507-786-3534

Steven Hahn
Professor of History
hahn@stolaf.edu   507-786-3164

Timothy Howe
Associate Professor
howe@stolaf.edu   507-786-3826

Abdulai Iddrisu
Assistant Professor of History
iddrisu@stolaf.edu   507-786-3212

Judy Kutulas
Professor of History
kutulas@stolaf.edu   507-786-3236

Anna Kuxhausen
Associate Professor of History
kux@stolaf.edu   507-786-3163

Todd Nichol
King Olav V Professor of Scandinavian-American Studies
nicholt@stolaf.edu   507-786-3168

Dolores Peters
Associate Professor of History
petersdo@stolaf.edu   507-786-3803

Edward Snyder
Instructor in History
snydere@stolaf.edu   507-786-3163


Erling Jorstad

Odd Lovoll

Robert W. Nichols

Richard Olson