Program Transitions

As a Hispanic Studies major or Latin American / Latino Studies concentrator, you may have noticed that the program previously named Hispanic Studies is now called Latin American Studies. Aside from this name change, there are several changes related to requirements for the major and concentration. Please read on to find out how such changes may impact your program of study!


Name of program, major, and concentration: “Latin American Studies” is for everyone!

Regardless of class year, all current and future majors will now be listed as majors in Latin American Studies rather than Hispanic Studies. Likewise, all current and future concentrators will be listed as pursuing a concentration in Latin American Studies, rather than in Latin American / Latino Studies.


Requirements: Vary by class year

Students in the Class of 2014 and Class of 2015 can decide, in consultation with the director of Latin American Studies, which set of requirements (old or new) they will be under.

Students in the Class of 2016 and beyond will be under the new set of requirements.

The following tables links outline the differences between the old and new major and concentration. As always, the College Catalog is the ultimate authority on requirements (the 2013-2014 Catalog includes information on the new Latin American Studies major and concentration; the 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 Catalogs offer information on the Hispanic Studies major and Latin American / Latino Studies concentration). For a list of approved courses offered in 2013-2014, please consult the Latin American Studies website (

PDF File – Information on program changes for students

Word Docx – Information on program changes for students