2013-2014 Courses

Asian Studies 240: Talking in Japan and the U.S.: Language, Identity, and Beyond –FALL

(at most, one of CS 121, 125, or CS 251)

Computer Science 121: Principles of Computer Science –FALL & SPRING

Computer Science 125: Computer Science for Scientists and Mathematicians –FALL & SPRING

Computer Science 251: Software Design and Implementation –FALL & SPRING

            Prerequisite: Any one of CS 121, CS 125, OR PHYS 130

Computer Science 276: Programming Languages -SPRING

Computer Science 333: Theory of Computation –FALL

Education 245: Teaching and Learning English Grammar -SPRING

Education 246: English Language Learners: Issues in Education -FALL

Education 321: Teaching of Reading 5-12 -SPRING

Education 345: Teaching of Communication Arts/Literature -SPRING

Education 348: Assessment of ESL: K-12 -SPRING

Education 353: Teaching of World Languages -FALL

French 272: Contemporary France -SPRING

Greek 231: Intermediate Greek -FALL

Greek 253: New Testament Greek -SPRING

Latin 231: Intermediate Latin -FALL

Latin 235: Medieval Latin -SPRING

Norwegian 244: The Sámi: Traditions in Transition –INTERIM

Psychology 237: Cognitive Psychology -SPRING

Psychology 339: Cognitive Neuroscience –FALL

            Prerequisite: Psych 125 and Psych 230, or Psych 238  and Neuro 239,

or consent of the instructor (advanced linguistics students)

Psychology 341: Infant Behavior and Development  -SPRING

Psychology 396: Research in Auditory Cognition -SPRING

Sociology/Anthropology 234: Native North American Cultures and Religions -FALL

Spanish 276: Spanish as a First and Second Language –FALL & SPRING

2012 – 2013 Courses