Director: Jeremy Loebach, loebach@stolaf.edu

Asian Studies

Caleb Boteilho, boteil1@stolaf.edu
Linguistics as a tool for second language learning

Rika Ito, ito@stolaf.edu
Sociolinguistics, language variation and change, Japanese linguistics
On sabbatical leave 2015-16

Ka F. Wong, wongk@stolaf.edu
Language pedagogy, technology and computer-assisted language

Ying Zhou, zhou1@stolaf.edu
Affective factors in second language learning, second language assessment, and heritage language learners


Christopher Brunelle, brunelle@stolaf.edu
Latin poetry

Anne Groton, groton@stolaf.edu
Greek and Roman drama

James M. May, may@stolaf.edu
Greek and Roman rhetoric

Steve Reece, reece@stolaf.edu
Greek and Roman epic

Lisa Whitlach, whitla1@stolaf.edu
Latin Poetry


Heather Campbell, campbelh@stolaf.edu
English as a second language, reading

Elizabeth Leer, leere@stolaf.edu
Curriculum and instruction, English education


Karen Marsalek, marsalek@stolaf.edu
Medieval literature and linguistics

Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

Richard Brown, rab@stolaf.edu
Parallel systems, formal methods, software-supported pedagogy

Julie Legler, legler@stolaf.edu


Kari Lie Dorer, dorer@stolaf.edu
Norwegian language, language pedagogy


Dana Gross, grossd@stolaf.edu
Developmental psychology

Jeremy Loebach, loebach@stolaf.edu
Cognitive neuroscience


Gregory Walter, walter@stolaf.edu

Theology and philosophy of language

Romance Languages

Wendy Allen (French), wallen@stolaf.edu
17th-century French literature, contemporary France, the Maghreb, content-based instruction

Maggie Broner (Spanish), broner@stolaf.edu
Hispanic and applied linguistics, Spanish in the United States

Kris Cropsey, cropsey@stolaf.edu
Spanish language, linguistics


Marc Robinson, robinso@stolaf.edu
Russian language, Russian film and literature

Ksenia Zanon, zanon1@stolaf.edu
Russian language, theoretical linguistics and foreign language pedagogy


Karen Peterson Wilson, wilsonk@stolaf.edu
Theater, voice/phonetics, oral interpretation