Nationally Competitive Fellowships

Six of the students who have been awarded Fulbrights -- including five women -- line up in front of a natural wood wall

Read about St. Olaf’s latest Fulbright recipients.

The Piper Center supports St. Olaf undergraduates and graduates in exploring and applying for nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships. There is a wide range of opportunities, so come explore which programs best meet your intellectual, professional, and personal goals.

The Piper Center is committed to helping students:

  • Explore a variety of fellowship and scholarship opportunities, ensuring they have support in deciding which are ideal for their unique skills and future aspirations
  • Represent themselves at their best through the application process
  • Develop confidence in articulating their future aspirations and goals

Wherever you are in the process — from just beginning to think about whether a scholarship or fellowship may be right for you to finalizing your last few words before pressing submit — the Piper Center is eager to support you along the way.