Changes of Registration (Drop/Add)

• Check your current registration on the SIS:

  • You must be officially registered for all courses you are attending. No one may simply sit in on a course without being officially registered either for credit or as an auditor.
  • If you are not accurately registered now, you must complete the drop/add process.

• Drops/Adds

• To drop/add a course or to make a change in the grading option (graded vs. S/U):

  1. The signature of the faculty member is required for all drops/adds once the term has begun;
  2. Consult your advisor regarding any changes, even though an advisor’s signature is not required on the drop/add slip (except first semester for first-year students).  You may save yourself the grief/cost of a bad choice.  You are always welcome to contact Steve McKelvy ( or Cheryl LaCroix in the Office of the Registrar and Academic Advising ( with questions, too.
  3. Pick up a drop/add slip at the Office of the Registrar and Academic Advising service window (Tomson Hall, level 1);
  4. Complete it in full;
  5. Have it signed by the instructor of the course being dropped/added;
  6. Return the slip in person to the Office of the Registrar and Academic Advising window.


  1. S/U option: if you take a course S/U, any GE credit attached to that course will NOT be applied to your record.  See policy above for additional facts about S/U (and to learn the difference between S/U and P/N grading).
  2. Registration for an INDEPENDENT STUDY/RESEARCH, INTERNSHIP, AUDIT, or OVERLOAD may ONLY be added with the complete and signed paperwork and with final approval of the Registrar.
  3. Off-Campus Programs Students who are currently enrolled in St. Olaf off-campus programs may add or drop courses by sending an email to; same rules regarding faculty permission as above.
  4. Prior to the beginning of any term: To add an open course or drop any course, complete a drop/add slip and bring it to the window, TOH 149; faculty signature required to add a closed course.
  5. Once the term has begunfaculty signature is required to add or drop any course. For first-year students in their first semester, advisor signature is also required.
  6. Changes of registration are processed via email only if the student is away from campus (e.g., on an off-campus program, on leave of absence, breaks between semester, away for the summer).