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Promoting Human Rights - title

Committee Chairs:
Kris Thalhammer
Susan Smalling

Committee Members:
Sherry Freking
Chuck Huff
Susan Huehn

Student Contributors:

Marit Aaseng ‘14
Asil Abuassba ‘15
Tala AlRaheb ’16
Sudip Bhandari ‘14
Hawara Butta ‘15
Michael Enich ‘14
Sarah Kretschmann ‘15
Karin Lubanovic ’14
Lisa Misch ‘15
Emma Ostby  ’15
Kate Panning ’15
Norma Romero-Rodriguez ’14
BJ Tut ‘14
David Watson ‘14
Sonja Wermager ‘14

Free and open to the public.

This conference is funded by St. Olaf’s associate dean of social sciences, the David L. and Margery Ostrom Scheie Endowment, and the Kloeck-Jenson Endowment for Peace and Justice Studies.