Integrated Introduction to Chemistry and Biology

A learning community also known as CH/BI (“Chubbi”)

First-year students with a passion for science at the interface of biology and chemistry are encouraged to apply to our integrated introductory Chemistry/Biology sequence, or CH/BI.

CH/BI students complete a series of three courses and work together to learn the fundamentals of chemistry and cellular biology. The interrelatedness of these disciplines is emphasized through examples of biological applications of fundamental chemistry and exploring biology in light of chemical principles. As a learning community, students and faculty explore ideas in the lab through group-based problem solving and discussions. In addition to basic texts, readings from a variety of sources enrich discussions and illustrate the interdisciplinary nature of science. This unique interdisciplinary community approach to learning introductory material prepares students for more specialized courses by developing inquisitive habits and the flexibility to draw on ideas from multiple sources.

In the words of one former student, “CH/BI was a platform where I could enjoy both my love for biology and its chemistry application. For me it was a good foundation for most of the concepts in cell and molecular biology. Also, this was an insightful way to learn about body processes and functions. Perhaps most importantly the labs were great as they carried in-depth knowledge that was complementary to the class material.”