Award Recipients




2021 Global Development and Social Enterprises Carlos Fernandez Lopez
2021 Public Health: Health and Society Hibo Mohamed
2020 Mediterranean Archaeology: Theory and Field Work Clara Gambill
2020 Social Change: Activism and Agency Nina Rickett Green
2020 Vernacular Architecture Paddy Mittag
2019 Ethno-Aesthetics and Archaeological Materiality LaMar Gayles
2019 Intercultural Communication and Journalism Avery Ellfeldt
2018 Sound Arts and Design Zeos Greene
2018 Architecture and Sustainability Studies Joe Kyle
2018 Health Perspectives: Health and Well-Being in the U.S. Anna McWilliams
2017 Media and Public Relations: Marketing to Multiple Audiences Megan Skelly
2017 Technology Innovation and Civic Development Leonard Vibbi
2016 “English Language Learners in the Elementary Classroom” Sydney Mason
2016 “”Cognitive Neuroscience: Cells to Systems” Jake Westerberg
2015 “Black Expression and Artistic Performance” Tasha Viets-VanLear
2014 “Public Health in the Developing World” Love Odetola
2014 “Performance Technology and Design” Jake Roberts
2013 “Growing Up in America: A Systems Thinking Approach” Andi Gomoll
2013 “Philosophy of Religion” Trevor Knapp
2013 “Architecture and Scenic Design” Ben Olsen
2012 “Social and Community Development” Nick Kang
2012 “Religion and the Visual Arts” Emilie Bouvier
2011 “Writing for Performance” John Carroll
2011 “The Ecology of Wellness” Kelsey Solum
2010 “Intercultural Medical Practice” Kelsey Hvidsten
2010 “Psychology of Social Change” Amy Kasch
2009 “Native American Studies” Whitney White
2008  No Awards Given
2007 “The Politics and Practices of U.S. Agriculture” Day Burtness
2007 “Cinema and Social Thought” Aaron Schloer
2006 “Development Studies: Socio-economic
development from an interdisciplinary perspective”
Saleha Erdman
2006 “Public Health: Policy and Reform” Breanna Peterson
2005 “Nature Theology” Christie Gibbons
2005 “Environmental Discourse Analysis” Justin Johnson
2004 “Computer Science” Mike Bongard
2004 “Conceptualizing Cultural Differences” Katie Schouten
2003 “Mathematical Foundations of Art” Megan Kight
2003 “Models of the Environment” Brett Werner
2002 “Linguistic Studies: Language and Meaning” Erika Hoyt
2002 “Perceiving the Natural World through the Arts” Maija Sulerud
2001 was the last year of Paracollege graduates, and the first year of CIS graduates
2001 “Learning a Sense of Place” Katie Schmitz
2001 “Literature and Creative Writing:
Catalysts for Expression and Identity”
Sabrina Winkleman
2001 “American Politics and Participatory Democracy” John F. Farrell
2000 “The Spirit of Science” Stacy DeRuiter
2000 “Finding Voice: Creative Expression
as a Tool for Social Justice”
Christa Olson
2000 “Social Psychology of Activism and Community” Jennifer Randolph
1999 “Liturgy and Service: Understanding Each in
Relation to Mentally Retarded People”
Mari Tollefson
1998 “Interdisciplinary Health Care” Leslie Bardo
1998 “Bodies and Birth Reclaimed: The Politics of Women’s Reproductive Health” Dana Quealy
1997 “Hermeneutics, Language, and Cross-Cultural Encounter” Jon Keune
1997 “The Short Story as Consumable Consciousness” Laura L. Mielke
1997 “Cultural Pluralism and Ethnic Identity in the Global Community” Jana C. Hertz
1996 “Inevitable Revolutions?: Social Justice Theory and Praxis” Matthew Knoester
1995 “Cultural Encounters With the Other” Anna Vibeke Eilert
1995 “Women, Stress, and Coping” Jennifer S.P. Hoeptner
1995 “Voice and Validity: Writings of
Marginalized Groups in the U.S.”
Kristin D. Sundell
1994 “Writing a Woman’s Life: A Personal Perspective” Carrie Bartsch
1994 “Health, Faith, and Ethics” Jonathan Bucki
1994 “Philosophical Theology” Jonathan Rinehart
1993 “Faith and Literature in the 20th Century” Amy L. Johnson
1992 “Women’s Lives in Philosophy and Fiction” Karen V. Anway
1992 “Stories of American Women: Reading, Writing, Responding” Sara M. Pust
1991 “Cultivating the Garden: Women Writing in the Land” Julie Filapek
1991 “World Hunger: Problems and Solutions” Rebecca Nelson
1990 “The Death of Man: Post-Modern Critiques of Humanism” Stephen V. Grigsby
1990 “General Systems Theory” James S. Larson
1990 “The Passage of Strangers” Evangeline L. Braaten
1989 “Modern Art History: Defining Her-Story” Margit A. Bisztray
1988 “German Cultural History” Erik A. Aasland
1988 “Paradigms of the Self in Literature and Theology” Maren K. Batalden
1988 “Human and Natural Ecology” Dana A. Garrigan
1987 “Critical Analysis of the Creative Arts” Timothy L. Peterson
1987 “Health Care for a Changing Population” Denise A. Helin
1987 “Ancient Greek Philosophy” Jeffrey R. LeMunyon
1986 “Computer Science and Human Intelligence” Janell Baran
1986 “Comedy, Tragedy and Human Well-Being” Helen Jones
1986 “Dramatic Literature and Performance” David Lantz
1985 “Power and Empowerment” Annika Fjelstad
1985 “Poetry and Photography” Martha McNey
1985 “Analyses of Existentialism from Philosophical
and Psychological Perspectives”
Mark Reishus
1984 “Applying Anthropology: A Study of Women” Mary Dunnewold
1983 “Political Philosophy: Historical and Contemporary
Models of Social Organization”
Anne Hansen
1983 “Media and Messages” Kirk Horsted
1983 “20th-Century American Literature” JoElaine Retzler
1983 “Management: An Economical, Psychological
and Sociological Perspective”
Meena Subbiah
1982 “Dramatic Literature and Performance” Jan Brue
1982 “The Educational Process: Implications of
Philosophy and Cognitive Development”
Cathi Helgoe
1982  “Early Medieval History and Its Use in Fiction” Bruce O’Brien
1981 Cultural, Historical, and Ethical Dynamics in Health Care” Bruce DeJong
1981 “European History and Literature” Gregory Grinager
1981 “Philosophy in Religion and Poetry” Maria Pastoor
1981 “Natural History” David Wedin
1980 “Linguistics” Diane Brehmer
1980 “History and Meaning” Mark Gonnerman
1980 “A Human in the Wilderness” Carolyn Heistad
1980 “Community Studies in Psychology and Religion” Kristin Ostroot
1980  “‘Three Dimensional Movement in
Painting, Drawing, and Animation”
Sharon Sudman
1979 Richard Friend
1979 John Klein
1979 Nancy Leland
1978 Richard Allen
1978 Lani Longshore
1978 David Michel
1978 Peter Velander
1977 Eric Hanson
1977 Karen Harris
1977 Robert Lace
1977 Cheryl Willman-Schwartz
1977 Susan Swanson
1977 Randy Wedin
1976 Rebecca Brown
1976 Kristi Swanson-Holden
1976 Stephen McLane
1975 Kathryn Jensen
1975 Steven Robinson
1975 Terry Therneau
1974 Mark Dimunation
1974 Mark Ingvoldstad
1973 Debbie Boeder
1973 Margaret Hanson
1973 Ann Newhall
1972 Joseph Belshan
1972 Thomas Carson
1972 Robert Thomsen