CIS in St. Olaf News

A list of featured news articles about CIS Students. 

Using new technology to preserve the past // December, 2017 // Jack Hubler-Dayton ’17  learned how to use advanced photogrammetry in order to preserve ancient carvings at the Jeffers Petroglyphs historical site. His work alongside Professor Tim Howe will allow these carvings to be studied for years to come.

Student’s project provides economic opportunity for Ebola survivors // November, 2016 //  Leonard Vibbi ’17, having received a Davis Projects for Peace grant, worked to enable female Ebola survivors in Sierra Leone to overcome the stigma surrounding the disease and provide loans for them to start their own businesses.

Leaning In and Exploring Medical Issues Relating to Gender, Culture, and Globalization // January, 2016 //  Ambele Mwamelo ’16 worked “with the nonprofit Management and Development for Health doing work to prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission in Tanzania. This fall, she also oursued two independent research projects as part of the Bilogy in South india Study abroad program.”

St. Olaf student awarded the Resolution Fellowship // July, 2015 //  After completing her individual major for Health and Wellness in the Developing World through St. Olaf’s Center for Integrative Studies (CIS), Love Odetola ’14 set out to advocate for vulnerable populations in sub-Saharan Africa. The fellowship will allow her to continue projects she began in the community of Lambaneme.

Research Partnership Leads to Three Published Papers // November 22, 2013 // A research project between St. Olaf College Professor of Philosophy Charles Taliaferro and Christophe Porot ‘13 has produced three papers accepted for publication about everything from the philosopher Donald Davidson to the popular television show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Two students receive Davis Projects for Peace grants // April 22, 2013 //  Two St. Olaf College students have each received a grant from the Davis Projects for Peace initiative to establish grassroots projects abroad. Love Odetola ’14 will use the $10,000 grant to develop a public health initiative in Senegal, while Duy Ha ’14 will use it to create an interactive educational experience about environmental issues in Vietnam.

Examining the Intersection of Science & Religion // September 13, 2012 // It was through a casual conversation that Christophe Porot ’13 and St. Olaf Associate Professor of Political Science Douglas Casson first discovered a shared interest in the history of science and religion — an academic field that examines the intersections of philosophy, theology, and natural science. That shared interest — along with support from the St. Olaf Collaborative Undergraduate Research and Inquiry (CURI) program — enabled Porot to spend the summer at the University of Oxford, where he was already studying through the St. Olaf Junior Year Abroad program. There he researched the ways in which theological assumptions shaped the emergence of scientific thought.

STO Talks Brings ‘ideas Worth Spreading’ to Campus // April 19, 2012 // This weekend 15 members of the St. Olaf community will share their visions of social change and innovation as part of a new student-run event called STO Talks. Inspired by the popular TED Talks, the St. Olaf conference will serve as a platform for five students, five faculty, and five alumni to deliver short, inspirational speeches about their insights on everything from modern dance to biomolecular science. TED Talks, deemed “ideas worth spreading,” have been popularized online over the past several years. They built on the success of a conference in 1984 that brought together ideas from three areas (for which the talks are named): technology, entertainment, and design.