CIS Faculty & Staff



Current Faculty Advisors of Individual Majors

Each student proposing an individual major must find a faculty member who will agree to serve as the academic advisor for the major, including supervising the student’s integrative senior project. To learn more about each individual major, go to the Web Community page and explore the student portfolios.

Cynthia Book (Exercise Science)

  • Emily Carr ’19     Major: Athletic Administration and Management Issues of Equity and Access

Douglas Casson (Political Science)

  • Alex Betley ’17     Major: Political Economy and Social Thought

Todd Edwards (Theater)

  • Zeos Greene ’18     Major: Sound Arts and Design

Steven Hahn (History)

  • Jack Hubler-Dayton ’17     Major: Archaeology: Culture and Methodology

Tim Howe (History)

  • Ian Henley ’18     Major: Understanding Global Conflict and Warfare

Abdulai Iddrisu (History)

  • Leonard Vibbi ’17     Major: Technology Innovation in Civic Development

Anna Johnson (Psychology)

  • Elana Abelson ’17     Major: Studying Developmental Disability

Anna Kuxhausen (History)

  • Griffin Edwards ’17     Major: International Development
  • Emma Lind ’17     Major: International Human Rights

Justin Merritt (Music)

  • George Snow ’18     Major: Artistic Collaboration

Sian Muir (Management Studies)

  • Marie Van Buskirk ’17     Major: Nonprofit Mission and Management

John Saurer (Art/Art History)

  • Joe Kyle ’18     Major: Architecture and Sustainability

David Schalliol (Sociology/Anthropology)

  • Alexandra Madsen ’18     Major: Architecture and Social Engagement

William Sonnega (Media & Film Studies)

  • Megan Skelly ’18     Major: Media and Public Relations: Marketing to Multiple Audiences