Documents, Guidelines, and Standards

Please start by understanding the following information in order for you to begin your CIS Major:

Documents and Guidelines


  • Senior Projects:
    • Your Successful CIS Senior Project or download as a .doc
    • Integrative Senior Project Plan 2017 or download as a .doc



The CIS and its Final Review Consultation group are guided by prevailing standards of scope and substance for a departmental or program major at St. Olaf, and by the following:

  1. A student’s proposed plan must meet CIS requirements for the quantity of academic experience constituting an individual major – generally the equivalent of 11-12 units of academic work, in addition to the spring semester unit devoted to the senior project.
  2. A student’s proposed plan must include evidence that it provides
    1. concepts, content, methods, and skills appropriate to the proposed area of study;
    2. opportunities for exploration and development of skills, sub-fields, and special topics; and
    3. opportunities for significant advanced study, normally at least two Level III courses, culminating in an integrative senior project.
  3. A student’s plan must include consideration of one or more possibilities for a capstone project to be completed during the senior year. For the purposes of proposal review, these project ideas are hypothetical, and students are encouraged to include several possible options. The FRC may choose to advise the student about how well these projects would serve as an integrative capstone to the major, or to suggest alternatives.