Archived Web Portfolios

This archives page carries the web portfolios of the most recent graduating class of individual majors, which remain viewable through the following academic year. After that, selected recent portfolios are kept on the site to provide examples for current and future individual majors as they design and develop their own web portfolios. Since 2013, students have created and maintained their web portfolios using WordPress, which is supported by St. Olaf’s Information Technology services. Current CIS web portfolios are linked from the Web Community page when they are ready to go public.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in these web portfolios are strictly those of the portfolio authors. They do not necessarily reflect the views of the faculty, staff, or other students of the Center for Integrative Studies or St. Olaf College. Student web portfolios, required of each individual major in the CIS are subject to review but are not edited or censored.


Class of 2021

Tamsin Olson
Musical Theater: Interdisciplinary Performance
Annika Hansen
Ethics and Management in the Practice of Law
Marko Kojicki
Digital Design and Production: Aesthetics and Art
Aidan Schoff
Hibo Mohamed
Public Health: Health and Society
Ken Wang
Computational Neuroscience
Eamonn Stanton
Graphic Design and Visual Communication
Aml Mohamed
International Youth Development
Carlos  Fernández López
Global Development and Social Enterprises

Class of 2020

Benny Goetting
Film Writing: Script and Score
Ella Hagopian
Analytical Public Health
Paddy Mittag-McNaught
Architecture and Sustainability Studies
Clara Gambill
Mediterranean Archaeology: Theory and Field Work
Kelsie Gerovac
Hospitality, Community, and Constructing Social Experience
Eva Knee
Public Health Policy & Administration
JuliAnne Rach
Humanistic Archaeology in the Ancient Mediterranean
Nina Rickett-Green
Social Change: Activism and Agency
Carrie Sayre
Business Leadership: Management in Context
Gugu Mkhulisi
Entrepreneurship for African Women
Tommy McDonald
Entrepreneurial and Ethical Leadership
Tanya Samiliv
Sustainable Management and Environmental Consciousness

 Class of 2019

Avery Ellfeldt
Intercultural Communication and Journalism
Lamar Gayles
Ethno-Aesthetics and
Archaeological Materiality
Emily Carr
Athletic Administration and Management: Issues of Equity and Access
Sarah Bluett
Local Identities: Business and Community Sustainability
Melanie Thompson
Animation and Visual Storytelling

Class of 2018

Zeos Greene
Sound Arts and Design
Joe Kyle
Architecture and
Sustainability Studies
Anna McWilliams
Health Perspectives:
Health and
Wellbeing in the U.S.
George Snow
Performance Art
Paige Dahlke