Cultural Creative Evolution Platform


Students with a passion for media production who have not had previous access to high-end equipment.

CCEP is an opportunistic program designed to give students a creation and storytelling platform. Selected students will be part of Ole Productions for one academic year only. This  limit allows for more Oles to access to this opportunity. 


Share your experiences and stories. Highlight diverse voices on campus and deliver your product to the Ole community.


With provided access to high-end equipment and professional mentorships, you are given a platform to create to your highest ability.


Expand your mind, obtain new skills, and transform as a creative. There is no telling what you will accomplish.

Our Mission

St. Olaf is a private, predominantly white institution in a predominantly white state. The responsibility behind identifying systemic inequities needs to be a priority for every member of the community. As creatives, we have the power to change the narrative. Through CCEP, students’ productions will expand our view of our history and the present to shape the future.


Join Our Team

To apply, provide an updated resume and brief description of personal objectives.


A work study award is required for consideration of a CCEP position. Applications from underrepresented students are encouraged.

Program Mentor