Music Academic Classes

Music Academy –  Ensemble Track class options


Greet the Day:
Incorporate breathingstretchingmovementroutine (ie long tones, flow studies for wind players, analogous exercises for others), and physical activity (walking or running in the natural lands?) A perfect way to start the mornings! Everyone is enrolled in this wonderful bonding and motivating class, if you’re not into any of those ideas you can opt out on your registration form.

Intro to Guitar:
Learn the basics of guitar playing, chords, and tuning. Great for campfire sing-alongs!

Learn a New Instrument:
Here is the opportunity you’ve been hoping for! A chance to try something new. Sign up to learn the Hardanger fiddle, harp, or pipe organ.

Ear Training:
An introduction to every musician’s most important skill: listening. Explore ways to improve your ear.  Instruction will include group singing, dictation, and lecture-demonstrations. Two levels available.

Music Theory:
A valuable introduction to what’s behind the notes on the page, this class will benefit vocalists and instrumentalists alike. Two levels available.

Fresh Beats:
With a fun and interactive approach, this workshop will improve your music reading skills through body movement, improvisation, and rhythm games.

Conducting Basics:
Work with our professional conductors to learn basic conducting patterns, and start seeing music from the other side of the podium.

Jazz Improvisation:
Start from scratch or polish your skills in improvisation.  This class is open to all instrumentalists.

Whether you’ve never rung before, or if you’re an experienced ringer, we have an ensemble for you.