Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee oversees the curriculum of the college in light of its mission, aims, and intended outcomes for student learning and development.  The committee normally meets as a full committee or in subcommittees on Wednesdays at 3:30 PM.  Its responsibilities include:

  • Making recommendations to the faculty regarding proposals for new programs and courses.
  • Overseeing the soundness and vitality of existing programs.
  • Reviewing and making recommendations regarding degree requirements and on-campus and off-campus credits.
  • Recommending academic regulations, procedures, and guidelines relative to the St. Olaf Academic Catalog concerning, but not limited to, registration, grading and examination policies, students’ academic status, and graduation.
  • Providing leadership for gathering, interpreting, and using assessment evidence to sustain and improve student learning.
  • Approving the academic calendar.
  • Implementing the attributes of the OLE Core Curriculum