Foreign Language Subcommittee

The Foreign Language Subcommittee considers policies relating to the study of foreign languages. This includes hearing student petitions concerning regulations relating to foreign languages and to completion of the College’s FOL requirement.

2019-20 Membership

  • Gwen Barnes-Karol, HumanitiesRomance Languages, Spanish, Co-Chair
  • Amanda Randall, Humanities – German, Co-Chair (At-Large)
  • Laura Knobel-Piehl, Center for Advising & Academic Support
  • Kris Cropsey, HumanitiesRomance Languages, Spanish
  • Hsiang-Lin Shih Interdisciplinary & General Studies – Asian Studies, Chinese
  • Kathy Granquist, Registrar’s Office
  • Joe Young, Center for Advising & Academic Support
  • Anthony Roberts, Fine Arts – Dance
  • Megan Carmes, Taylor Center for Equity and Inclusion