Independent Study/Independent Research

English Department Guidelines for Independent Study (IS) and Independent Research (IR)

  1. To undertake an IS or IR, students must be a junior or senior and have completed at least 7 courses in the major or have completed, as a non-major, 7 courses in CIS.
  2. An IS cannot count toward one of the three required courses at Level II; An IR cannot count for one of a student’s two Level III requirements.
  3. The proposal should present a project that’s not covered by an existing course at St. Olaf; the project should not be one-on-one coaching to replace participation in an advanced workshop or seminar.
  4. A student asking for an IS or IR must develop a reading list as extensive as what we expect in a regularly offered course, along with writing assignments and a schedule of meetings. These materials should be submitted to a prospective supervising faculty member.
  5. If the student obtains a faculty supervisor, the student must submit to the English department faculty (via our AAA, Lynda Maus, or the department chair) a detailed plan that would include the reading list, writing assignments, schedule of meetings, and rationale for why this IS or IR should be approved, along with the faculty supervisor’s signature. This detailed plan must be approved by the department in advance of registration; approval will take up to seven days.
  6. Please bring the completed application for: Independent Study/Independent Research form that can be obtained at the Registrar’s office.

Note: proposals turned in after registration will not be acted upon.