English – Three Majors, Many Options

The St. Olaf English Department is in the midst of a transition period. In the Fall of 2021, we introduced a new major in creative writing and revised requirements for our two existing majors: our standard English major and our modified English major for students who want to pursue a teaching license. During this transition period, we expect that most students who came to St. Olaf prior to the Fall of 2021 will continue to follow the “old” requirements, while students who are new to the college in Fall of 2021 and subsequent semesters will follow the new requirements. Students who enrolled at St. Olaf prior to the Fall of 2021 will have the option of declaring a major in creative writing, and, in some cases, may have the option of shifting from the old to the new requirements for our two English majors (the standard major and the modified major for students who wish to pursue a teaching license). Note that some of these options may have implications for both your major requirements AND your general education requirements, as opting for new major requirements will also require fulfilling the OLE Core general education requirements.

For more information about the requirements for each of our three majors, see the tabs under “Major #1 – The English Major,” “Major #2 – The English Major with Teaching License,” and “Major #3 – Creative Writing.” For further information about general education requirements and the relationship between major requirements and general education requirements, please see the document posted here. If that document does not answer your questions, please contact the Registrar’s Office.