The English Major with Teaching License

In addition to our standard English major, we also offer a modified version of this major for students who wish to receive a teaching license: the English major with Communication Arts/Literature Teaching Licensure. A worksheet that outlines the requirements for this major is posted below. Students who are interested in pursuing a teaching license are urged to consult Education Department faculty for further information and clarification of the requirements.

English Major and Communication Arts Literature Licensure Worksheet Nov 2019

Requirements for the Graduation Major Plus Communication Arts/Literature (CAL) Teaching Licensure

For this version of the English major, students must complete nine courses in the English Department (rather than ten courses for the standard major). They must also complete four courses in other departments or programs (as described below). Note the following requirements:

ENglIsh Department courses

Engl 150 – The Craft of Creative Writing
Engl 185 – Literary Studies
Engl 205 – American Racial and Multicultural Literatures
Engl 242 – Children’s and Young Adult Literature
Engl 256 – Shakespeare and His Contemporaries OR another Shakespeare course
One literary history course
One cross-disciplinary OR genre course
Two level III electives

Other courses

First-Year Writing (FYW)

LNGST 250: English Language and Linguistics
THEAT 120: Public Speaking
MEDIA 160: The Media Landscape