What do History majors do?  Everything.

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Know the past. Change the world.

Shaping the future requires understanding the past. Historians discern patterns, analyze evidence, collect and identify artifacts, and tell people’s stories, giving voice to the voiceless. By coming to know the stories of others, they learn to tell one that is distinctly their own. What do history majors do? Everything. The study of history is excellent preparation for careers in many fields, including law, journalism, business and finance, education, politics and public policy, social activism, and the arts.


Gain contextual perspectives on race, power, privilege, gender and sexuality.


Improve foreign language skills


Travel on off-campus programs


St Olaf student Grace Hermes ’21 has won the C. McKenzie Lewis Excavation & Field School Award from the Classical Association of the Middle West and South (CAMWS).

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