Multifaith Leadership and Engagement in a Fractured World

On Sunday, March 3, the Lutheran Center, in partnership with the Jay Phillips Center at the University of St. Thomas, the Interfaith Institute at Augsburg University, and the Minnesota Multifaith Network, hosted the second annual mutifaith leadership workshop, gathering under the theme “Multifaith Leadership and Engagement in a Fractured World.” At the end of the closing plenary, Lutheran Center Interfaith Fellow Gloriana Ye ’24 (pictured below), gave the closing blessing, which we include below as an invitation into the spirit of the day. You can also see pictures from throughout the day below.

As we conclude this interfaith leadership workshop, we come together in gratitude for the affinity that has brought us into this sacred space. We acknowledge the opportunity granted to us to delve into the beauty and significance of the lessons we shared.

Thank you, the universe, creator, God that answers our calling- calling to be wiser, to be stronger and to be a doer. 

We had a beautiful gathering today, the dear friends coming from far, from the community  to share, to reconnect and to bridge the gap between us. 

Very importantly, thank you for honoring this precious time, humbling ourselves to engage ourselves  to the wisdom imparted and the experiences shared.

Although diverse in our backgrounds and beliefs, we stand united in the universal truth of love.

May our hearts remain steadfast in our commitment to nurture empathy and love for one another.

Grant us the grace to gaze upon ourselves with eyes filled with understanding and compassion.

In our journey, may we be liberated from disturbances, fears, anxieties, and worries that weigh us down.

May we learn the art of cultivating joy, nurturing its seeds within us each passing day, and embracing the happiness that surrounds us.

May the tranquility of peace abide with us always, guiding our steps and illuminating our path.