Interfaith Leadership for the 21st Century Workplace

Virtual Seminar:

Interfaith Leadership for the

21st Century Workplace

Thursdays March 4, March 25, April 22, and May 6

11:30am-12:45pm (Community Time)

Did you know that many Muslims consider it taboo to shake hands with someone of a different gender?

Did you know that many Jews must miss work in the fall in order to fully observe the holiest days on their calendar?

Did you know that most Buddhists believe the mind must be as alert as possible at the time of death?

According to the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI), most Americans encounter religious diversity at work far more frequently than in other aspects of life. Therefore employers need employees who work effectively with people who hold views different from their own. Navigating religious diversity is critical to the work of diversity, equity, and inclusion yet it is an often-neglected dimension of that work.

To help become adequately prepared for the reality of religiously diverse workplaces students, faculty, and staff are invited to join national interfaith leader Eboo Patel, a member of the Biden-Harris interfaith team and the 2021 Fellow with the Lutheran Center, as he leads a four-session interactive seminar about interfaith leadership in the workplace and in all the places where we live out our vocations. 

Participants who complete all components of the seminar can include this experience on their resumé! We will list the names of completed participants on a public website that can be directly linked in a resumé.

Register for the seminar:


Register to participate in the seminar by Thursday, February 25.


Faculty are invited to register as individuals and are also encouraged to involve their classes.

Please help us promote this seminar to your classes and advisees! Through this seminar, students will have the opportunity not only to learn interfaith skills and leadership but also to engage with Piper Center staff and alumni around applying these skills.

Register to participate in the seminar and/or indicate interest in involving one of your classes by Thursday, February 25.


Staff are invited to register as individuals and are also encouraged to promote this seminar to students in their programs and student workers. 

Developing interfaith skills is not only important for your student workers in their future professions, but is also important for their work positions at St. Olaf, a 21st century workplace. Two of the expected learning outcomes for student employment at St. Olaf are diversity and preparation for real-world employment (GROW at St. Olaf Outcomes). This seminar will directly address those two outcomes by cultivating knowledge and skills in religious diversity and preparing students for a religiously diverse workforce.

Register to participate in the seminar and indicate interest in involving your students by Thursday, February 25.


We are looking for alumni to volunteer to co-facilitate a breakout room conversation!

The goal for the breakout room discussions is to provide examples of interfaith engagement in a variety of workplace settings to seminar participants.

The four sessions of the seminar are on Thursdays March 4, March 25, April 22, and May 6. Each seminar session is 75 minutes (11:30am – 12:45pm CDT) and alumni who volunteer will be invited to commit to ONE session where they co-facilitate a breakout room conversation.

Alumni will be paired with a Piper Center staff member to facilitate conversations with students, faculty, and staff around where they see religious diversity and interfaith engagement in their workplaces and how these issues impact the larger sector. Alumni will be provided resources and discussion points before the session to reflect on their experiences and to help prompt discussion in the breakout room.

Sign up to volunteer to co-facilitate a breakout room.

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The seminar is sponsored in part by: To Include is To Excel with funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.