Mission, Vision, and Values


Rooted in Lutheran tradition and engaging all traditions, the Lutheran Center for Faith, Values, and Community brings together people of different faiths and worldviews to enrich spiritual inquiry, foster love of neighbor, and deepen a sense of vocation in all.


Advancing a compelling vision for Lutheranism in the 21st century, the Lutheran Center nourishes faith, values, and community to build a more spiritually engaged, religiously inclusive, and harmonious world.


In all its work the Lutheran Center aspires to be…

Gracious. Demonstrating the life-giving, life-enriching traditions of Lutheranism and reflecting God’s grace without prerequisites.

Inclusive. Living out what it means to be a good neighbor, actively building and celebrating communities of love and mutual respect.

Inquiring. Welcoming everyone as whole persons, engaging both faith and reason in asking questions and seeking answers.