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Alumnus tells magazine why top tech CEOs want liberal arts majors

David Rose ’89 in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab, where he teaches and conducts research.

Liberal arts training allows people to think about technology itself in fundamentally different ways, St. Olaf College alumnus David Rose ’89 tells Fast Company magazine.

He’s one of several industry leaders quoted in an article titled “Why Top Tech CEOs Want Employees With Liberal Arts Degrees.”

The piece notes that “tech CEOs across the country agree that liberal arts training — with its emphasis on creativity and critical thinking — is vital to the success of their business.”

Rose, CEO of photo analytics company Ditto, agrees. He is pushing for companies to reimagine the role that technology plays in people’s lives — and the magazine points out that his recently published book, Enchanted Objects, “is peppered with ideas from literature, fine arts, and philosophy to prompt the reader to think about technology as the kind of magic that humans have always been longing after.”

Rose notes that his experience at St. Olaf enabled him to take a broad range of courses and study abroad.

“For a young mind, that is the very best thing you can do, because it allows you to come at questions about the world and new technologies from radically different perspectives,” he says.

Read more about Rose’s work in the St. Olaf Magazine, and watch him talk tech with Jon Stewart earlier this week on The Daily Show.