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🎙️From the Hill to Real Life: LGBTQIA+ Community on Campus

From the Hill to Real Life is a new podcast from St. Olaf College that dives deep into the Ole experience and shares what it really means to make a difference with a liberal arts education. To hear more episodes, subscribe on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts.

LGBTQIA+ students have been organizing as a group on campus for 30 continuous years. From its beginnings as OLGA, through GLOW, and now SAGA and REPRESENT., creating space for sexual and gender expression at St. Olaf has been largely student-led. Learn how this community has grown and changed over time, and what lies ahead with the help of dedicated staff time and new on-campus resources. Featuring: Thomas Houck ’88, Assistant Director of Gender and Sexuality Jon Mergens, Katie Barnes ’13, Katherine Oyster ’08, Emmy Kegler ’07.

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