St. Olaf Magazine | Fall 2021

Global Engagement: The 38th Annual Gimse International and Off-Campus Studies Photo Contest

Milford Sound | Juliana Goldman ’21 | University of Otago | Milford Sound | Fjordland, New Zealand

I went to Milford Sound the weekend before I flew home early due to COVID, and had the usually bustling tourist attraction completely to myself. It felt cinematic, to say the least.Juliana Goldman ’21

In early 2020, due to the rapidly changing, unprecedented global situation surrounding COVID-19, 118 St. Olaf students who were participating in international and off-campus study programs at locations around the world were recalled to the United States. Students studying in countries affected by the early wave of COVID-19 outbreaks had already returned to campus. Most of the remaining students began the process of coming home, with International and Off-Campus Studies staff offering comprehensive virtual advising to each student. A few intrepid travelers completed their semesters abroad.

“It was a disappointing time for students who had saved and dreamed of international and off-campus study experiences, only to defer their plans due to health concerns and travel restrictions,” notes Jodi Malmgren ’92, director of International and Off-Campus Studies.
Although their programs were interrupted, these students, like so many Oles before them, took the time to document their experiences through photography and personal reflection. Many submitted their photography for the annual Gimse International and Off-Campus Studies Photo Contest, now in its 38th year. Eligibility to submit entries to the photo contest was expanded to include experiences by students taking St. Olaf courses remotely during the pandemic.

These haunting images were captured by students studying in Australia, Denmark, Egypt, Greece, Hungary, New Zealand, and Spain, and in California and Minnesota.

Roy’s Peak | Juliana Goldman ’21 | University of Otago | Roy’s Peak | Wanaka, New Zealand

Sunrise in Wanaka, after an 11-mile, 3 a.m. hike.Juliana Goldman ’21

The Renowned Ridgeline | Morgan Marxer ’21 | University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand | Roy’s Peak | Wanaka, New Zealand

Ascending Roy’s Peak Trail, a difficult, 10-mile hike through the clouds, stellar views from the ridgeline take in most of Lake Wanaka and the surrounding peaks as hikers cross through yards of cows and sheep. The clouds part at the peak, opening up a 360-degree panoramic view of the remarkable landscape.Morgan Marxer ’21

Backpacking | Anna Leikvold ’21 | Oregon Extension | Lassen Volcanic National Park | Mineral, California

After our first segment at the Oregon Extension, we took a backpacking trip to Lassen National Park. We were completely isolated for most of the trip and were rewarded with stunning views at every turn.Anna Leikvold ’21

Quarantine Sunrise | Tayler Paulsen ’21 | DIS Copenhagen | Staring Lake | Eden Prairie, Minnesota

After I was sent home from my study abroad program in Copenhagen, I had to quarantine in my basement. My sister woke up at 5 a.m. to watch the sunrise with me, at a distance. It was a quiet, peaceful moment after the chaos of getting sent home.Tayler Paulsen ’21

Twelve Apostles | Marcel Hones ’21 | Environmental Science in Australia and New Zealand | Port Campbell National Park | Victoria, Australia

We stopped at the Twelve Apostles on our way to Phillip Island and spent a mere snapshot of time with these great pieces of earth before moving along. Once there were twelve. We only saw eight. The ocean hammers away slowly and soon they will be no more.Marcel Hones ’21

Calling | Marcel Hones ’21 | Environmental Science in Australia and New Zealand | Phillip Island, Australia

The ocean was cold and harsh, the sea lions called out, and we watched, quietly.Marcel Hones ’21

Finding a New Perspective with the Old | Alexandra Smith ’21 | CIEE Liberal Arts in Seville, Spain | Puente Nuevo | Ronda, Spain

This was taken after a hike down the mountain to catch a better view of the famous bridge in Ronda, El Puente Nuevo. I decided to take this iconic picture of the bridge with a twist by playing with the focus. I wanted it to be focused on the dandelion but still be able to make out the iconic bridge, allowing both the old and the new to coexist.Alexandra Smith ’21

ATTENTION! | Yi Wynn Chan ’22 | Environmental Science in Australia and New Zealand | Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary | Victoria, Australia

A male lyrebird with its huge tail fanned out, sings at the top of its lungs and dances to attract the attention of potential mates. Lyrebirds are infamous for their mimicry abilities. Catch them singing songs of other birds or mimicking a loud chainsaw — the skies the limit for them (not really … they are ground-dwelling birds)!Yi Wynn Chan ’22

Takahē — I’m Still Alive! | Yi Wynn Chan ’22 | Environmental Science in Australia and New Zealand | Zealandia EcoSanctuary | Wellington, New Zealand

The South Island Takahē, New Zealand’s bulky flightless bird, was thought to be extinct in the early 20th century. They were rediscovered in 1948 in an isolated valley in the Murchison Mountains. It is believed that the Takahē retreated to these mountains as a result of their habitats disappearing and invasive predators encroaching. However, life in the mountain ranges was far from suitable for such a bird. Because they had nowhere else to go, some of the Takahē blundered in deep snow and died of frost.Yi Wynn Chan ’22

White Cat in Downtown Cairo | Adele Raymer ’22 | American University in Cairo | American University in Cairo’s Tahrir Square Campus | Cairo, Egypt

One of many street cats in downtown Cairo relaxing in the shade of the campus center at Tahrir Square.Adele Raymer ’22

Museum Renovations | Adele Raymer ’22 | American University in Cairo | Egyptian Museum, Tahrir Square | Cairo, Egypt

An unlabeled artifact is prepared to be moved to the new Grand Egyptian Museum near Giza.Adele Raymer ’22

Stairs in Greece | Emily Borkowski ’21 | DIS Copenhagen | Poros, Greece

An exquisite stairway alongside a hilly road in Poros.Emily Borkowski ’21

Eres Mi Mejor Amiga | Emily Borkowski ’21 | DIS Copenhagen | Valencia, Spain

Street art found in Valencia. Eres Mi Mejor Amiga translates to  “You Are My Best Friend.”Emily Borkowski ’21

Goodnight Copenhagen | Tayler Paulsen ’21 | DIS Copenhagen | Holmbladsgade | Copenhagen, Denmark

The sun sets behind my roommate as she does her homework by the warm glow of her lamp.Tayler Paulsen ’21

Danish Swan | Emily Borkowski ’21 | DIS Copenhagen | Copenhagen, Denmark

A swan floats peacefully on the water in Copenhagen.Emily Borkowski ’21

The Wanaka Tree | Grace LaNasa ’21 | University of Otago | Lake Wānaka | Wanaka, New Zealand

A lonely Wanaka tree.Grace Lanasa ’21

Seeing Double or the Calm Before the Storm | Alexandra Smith ’21 | CIEE Liberal Arts in Seville, Spain | Las Setas (“The Mushroom) | Seville, Spain

The year 2020 was the year of seeing double. It started off as a year of reflection for me, and that’s probably what started my passion for reflection photography. Although this picture was taken after it had rained, it was still like the calm before the storm as it was the last day before Seville shut down due to COVID, a very bittersweet moment. It was recently built (2011) and doesn’t quite fit the rest of the historical buildings in Seville, although ancient Roman ruins were discovered beneath it.Alexandra Smith ’21

Sealy Tarns Track | Morgan Marxer ’21 | University of Otago | Sealy Tarns, Aoraki Mount Cook National Park | Canterbury, New Zealand

At this premier hiking destination on the South Island of New Zealand, pools of mirror-like water reflect the nearby Mount Sefton and Mount Cook. The challenging Sealy Tarns track consists of staircases rising to 1,795 feet of elevation change, a seven-hour round-trip hike for far-reaching views over Aoraki Mount Cook National Park and the Southern Alps.Morgan Marxer ’21

Tunnel Beach | Grace LaNasa ’21 | University of Otago | Tunnel Beach | Dunedin, New Zealand

Sea-carved sandstone cliffs, rock arches, and caves make this a unique part of Dunedin.Grace Lanasa ’21

Tears on the Danube | Chloe Hanstra ’21 | University College Dublin | Danube River | Budapest, Hungary

Shoes along the Danube serve as a memorial that honors the thousands of people who were executed on the river’s bank in WWII. They were told to remove their shoes and stand at the edge of the river, and were shot so that their bodies fell into the water.Chloe Hanstra ’21

Spire | Anna Leikvold ’21 | Oregon Extension | Lassen Volcanic National Park | Mineral, California

While backpacking, our group came across this majestic dead tree that stood tall over the rocky landscape.Anna Leikvold ’21

Morning Outside of a Mosque | Adele Raymer ’22 | American University in Cairo | A’mr ibn Al-A’as Mosque | Cairo, Egypt

Box for offerings near the entrance to the A’mr ibn Al-A’as Mosque in Old Cairo.Adele Raymer ’22

Seizing Opportunities | Yi Wynn Chan ’22 | Environmental Science in Australia and New Zealand | Kaikōura Marine Management Area | Kaikōura, New Zealand

As we went out whale watching, I was excited to capture photographs of the whales, only to realize that I would just be taking photographs of their tails as they descended to the depths of the ocean. I was lucky enough to chance on these dolphins synchronously jumping out of the water. Little did I know, these playful dusky dolphins put on a performance for us! The experiences reminded me that opportunities are everywhere — that they may just be hidden and not what they may first seem to be on the surface. Sometimes, all it takes is an open mind, and perhaps a glimpse on the other side of the boat!Yi Wynn Chan ’22