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MPR broadcasts Institute discussion with Glenn Loury

Brown University Professor of Economics Glenn Loury (right) speaks at St. Olaf as part of a moderated conversation with Morrison Family Director of the Institute for Freedom and Community Edmund Santurri (left). Photo by Lakaia Thornton ’23

Minnesota Public Radio aired the St. Olaf College Institute for Freedom and Community’s recent conversation with economic theorist Glenn Loury.

The “MPR News Presents” program broadcast the discussion on air Tuesday, October 1, and featured it on the broadcast web page.

The conversation, which was hosted by Morrison Family Director of the Institute for Freedom and Community Edmund Santurri, was titled “Truth, Justice, and Racial Equality.” It is part of the Institute’s 2019 fall series, Discrimination and the Search for Justice and Truth.

Loury is the Merton P. Stoltz Professor of Economics at Brown University. He has published more than 200 essays and reviews in journals of public affairs in the U.S. and abroad. He is a contributing editor at The Boston Review, and was for many years a contributing editor at The New Republic. He has his own podcast called the Glenn Show, which also aired his discussion at St. Olaf.

Established at St. Olaf in 2014, the Institute for Freedom and Community encourages free inquiry and meaningful debate of important political and social issues. Through its range of programming for students, faculty, and the general public, the Institute offers a distinctive opportunity to cultivate civil discourse within the context of the liberal arts.

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