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The Current highlights support for student rock bands at St. Olaf

Members of Merino Wool, an indie rock band formed by St. Olaf students, do a live session with KSTO. The student radio station is one of several campus resources for musical artists.

“St. Olaf College has long been a front-runner in the world of choral music. However, the liberal arts college in Northfield is now also lending a hand to student rock bands on campus by providing them with various resources,” Carolyn Bernhardt ’14 writes in a piece published by Minnesota Public Radio’s The Current.

“With everything from folk and rock groups to individual singer-songwriters, campus bands have begun to take over St. Olaf’s music scene.”

The blog post highlights the resources St. Olaf makes available to student musicians. A new student organization, DNNR PRTY (“Dinner Party,” with text styled in a manner reminiscent of Minneapolis hip-hop group GRRRL PRTY), offers professional recording sessions and has just released an album featuring 14 campus bands and solo acts.

The student radio station, KSTO, provides resources to campus artists as well.

“The goal of DNNR PRTY is to be an outlet for any musical endeavor,” says president and creator Horacio Lopez ’14. “I have seen so much progress in [the quality of] the music scene here since I was a freshman. My main goal was for it to be acknowledged, respected, and solidified.”