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St. Olaf hosts annual Major Declaration Celebration

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The St. Olaf College Class of 2025 gathered in the Buntrock Commons Ballrooms on March 9 for the college’s annual Major Declaration Celebration — a festive gathering for sophomores to announce their next steps and celebrate in-person with department chairs and friends.

During this event sponsored by the Academic Success Center, the Piper Center for Vocation and Career, and the Office of Student Activities — with, of course, support and involvement from academic departments across campus — 514 sophomores (73 percent of the class) were able to make conversation with faculty in their chosen field, take photos holding signs indicating which major or majors they have selected, and sign the class banner. Student Government Association President Sebastian Pham ’23 and Vice President Gretchen Ellis ’23 handed out Class of 2025 T-shirts, and students had fun using a photo booth and socializing with Ole the Lion.

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“We all come to St. Olaf with different levels of confidence in what we want to do academically,” says Kadyn Triebenbach ’25 after declaring a major in psychology. “This was a great opportunity to share an experience with our entire class — something that we normally do not get to do — and celebrate our new commitments as peers.”

Congratulations to the St. Olaf Class of 2025!