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Thank you

St. Olaf College President David R. Anderson ’74 shared the following message with students, parents, faculty, and staff as the January Interim concluded.

Dear Oles,

As we take a breath between Interim and the upcoming spring semester, I’m writing to express my thanks to each of you.

Completing this Interim term during the Omicron surge is an accomplishment for which we can all be proud. You demonstrated patience and flexibility as plans were made, changed, and sometimes canceled. You showed up for your classmates and colleagues even as your personal lives were disrupted by illness, closures and delays. Many members of our campus community volunteered to take on additional responsibilities to help manage the many pieces of our COVID-19 response. All of you, those who worked off campus and those, including the Facilities team, who worked entirely on campus, carried on the vital, challenging work that has helped propel us through these last two years.

Each of your sacrifices mattered. You gave us the flexibility we needed to manage the virus’ impact on our campus this month and to set us up for a full, in-person return for spring semester. While none of us can predict exactly what’s to come in the next few months, we are entering this spring ready to learn, work and engage in and with our close-knit community.

Thank you.

President David R. Anderson ‘74