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The Hill is alive with the sound of podcasts

The voices that make up St. Olaf College are myriad and diverse. But most of the time when you receive updates from the Hill it’s through photos, written stories, and short videos.

Now, for the first time, fans of the college can enjoy a long-form audio update. We’re launching two podcasts!

St. Olaf Chapel and From the Hill to Real Life will help tell a deeper story of our campus in 60 minutes or less.

St. Olaf College podcasts
Podcast cover images for “St. Olaf Chapel” and “From the Hill to Real Life.”

St. Olaf Chapel features Pastor Matthew Marohl and Associate Pastor Katherine Fick discussing the themes and highlights from a week’s worth of chapel services, plus audio from each day’s chapel talk.

Listen to “Earnestness and Warmth: April 15-17” on Spreaker.

From the Hill to Real Life is hosted by Assistant Director of Digital Communications Sarah Hansen. Each episode focuses on a theme or event that demonstrates how lessons learned on the Hill can last a lifetime. Featuring interviews with faculty, staff, students, alumni, parents, and everyone who makes up the St. Olaf community.

Listen to “Entrepreneurship” on Spreaker.

The podcasts are perfect for your commute, cross-country travel, gardening, cooking dinner, walking the dog, working out, or wherever you like to listen. St. Olaf Chapel and From the Hill to Real Life are being released regularly during the school year, and break for summer. Subscribe via iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts.