Inspiring and empowering the leaders of today to envision and shape tomorrow.

We aim to fulfill our shared mission through three core tenets of purpose:
  • Uplifting students’ holistic, authentic selves, whilst unlocking their leadership potential.
  • Embedding meaningful and reflective opportunities through which students articulate and activate themselves as leaders within, and beyond, our campus community.
  • Cultivating a community in which Oles are able to thrive as people, students, and leaders.

Critically-Conscious Leadership through an Anti-Racist Lens

Now, more than ever, St. Olaf, our community, and our world require strong leaders who utilize not only a leadership approach that is inclusive, but also one that employs a critical lens. Self-education around systems of dominance and the active implementation of harm-reduction and equity-centered practices are steps we all can take towards a conceptualization of leadership that encompasses and serves all.

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