Update on Working Group process

As we have reported, the Working Group has been focused on listening to students, faculty, staff, and other experts in Title IX processes. After these meetings are completed, we will begin the process of formulating our recommendations.

Both President Anderson and I agree that the Working Group will release its full recommendations to the general public on this site at the same time they are formally shared with President Anderson.

Our goal as a Working Group is to be as transparent as possible, which is why our full recommendations will be posted as soon as they are complete.

The St. Olaf Board of Regents has been fully briefed on the efforts of our Working Group and is eager to review our recommendations.

Thank you for your sending your thoughts and comments to us through the online input form. We continue to value the feedback, ideas, and experiences you have shared. We encourage you to continue to share with us.

Tim Maudlin ’73
Chair, Title IX Working Group

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